Why Raise Honeybees? (Farmers Almanac)

Beekeeping 101: Why Raise Honeybees? Borrowed without permission. Original article can be found at: www.almanac.com/blog/beekeeping/beekeeping-101-why-raise-honeybees Starting an apiary is relatively easy. However, as with caring for any new animal, you should learn all that you can about their husbandry before diving in. Here are some things to consider about keeping bees: There are many reasons … Read more

Sting like a bee with beekeeping | News | theshorthorn.com

Duy Vu Beekeeper Christina Simmons holds a frame full of bees June 13 at Nottingham Bees, a honey farm in Grand Prairie. As the bee population declines, people can help protect their numbers by planting bee-friendly plants, such as chaste trees and wildflowers, and by using less pesticides.   When her son had the opportunity … Read more