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DENTON — Down Denison Street, in a normal looking backyard in Denton, Christina Beck has found her calm place.

"I'm a little bit strange," Beck said.

It's a place she shares with 200,000 bees.

"I do talk to my bees," she said.

Her family is one of about 75 in the city with an urban bee farm.

But it's more than just a hobby. Beck keeps the bees to help the environment. Bees are pollinators, and the more of them there are, the better it is for the agricultural economy.

Christina Beck

"One out of every three bites of food we take relies on bees and other pollinators," Beck said.

But until recently, it was unclear if people are even allowed to own bees in the city. Until now. The city council stepped in this week, approving an ordinance that makes urban bee farms legal.

"It helps the good bees survive that are friendly," Beck said. "And it helps the bad bees stay away."

The ordinance sets clear guidelines on what city beekeepers can and can't have in their backyards.

For every acre of land, a person is allowed to have four hives. And the hives must be set far enough back as to not bother neighbors.

Denton will also become the second city in the state with a special beekeeping designation from Bee City USA.

It means leaders not only accept it, they'll also promote beekeeping.

Beck says for about $450, you can get all of the necessary gear, hives and lessons to start your own urban bee farm.

According to the local beekeeper association, five new families are joining the movement every month.

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