Are You Ready…..

Are you ready?… Do you truly know? Don’t know, not sure if you know or maybe you know but prefer to have a checklist for reference. Then this post may be of interest. Reference material, provided by TBA, was added to our DCBA calendar to assist you in quick reference points season by season. … Read more

2019 Elections

I want to recognize and thank all those who participated in last nights election of the 2020 Officers and Member Market Expo. Congratulations to Gary Barber, Brian Kuehn, Sue Newhouse and Corey Claytor who will be the clubs new leadership beginning January 1, 2020. The current board is proud of the member choices and will … Read more

Fall Preparations

I hope everyones hives survived last nights storms with no major damages or losses. Straight line winds are always cause for concern. Aside from the storms, the cooler weather is a welcome visitor. I use the term “visitor” since we are all to familiar with true fall weather seeming to evade us most of the time. … Read more