2018 Nomination Committee

It is my pleasure to introduce your 2018 Nominations Committee: Ron Shenberger (Committee Chairman), Saundra Smith, and Van Hall. This committee will be accepting nominations for the positions of DCBA President, Vice President, Secretary, and Communications Director between now and the night of the elections (November 13th). If you would like to make a nomination, … Read more

Learning from Experience: The Beginning of a Big Problem

If you’ve attended the last two general meetings, you’ve probably noticed the repetition of a theme: test your hives for varroa, treat your hives for varroa, record your varroa numbers, continually monitor for varroa. I would put money on a bet that a decent percentage of beekeepers, despite hearing this message over and over, are … Read more

September Speaker Bio: Charlotte Canion

Howdy, all! This month, we will have Master Gardener Charlotte Canion visit during the General Meeting and talk to us about fall gardening in Texas- prepping, planting, and what you might invest in growing for your hungry pollinators prepping for winter! A little about Charlotte (selections adapted from her bio on her website HERE): “Originally … Read more

Link Love: Products of the Hive

It’s honey harvest time, is anyone taking honey from their hives this season? Along with honey harvesting comes wax, wax cappings, propolis……… what are you going to do with all that? Need some ideas? Here is a roundup of helpful links for recipes using honey, recipes for body products using wax, and a smattering few … Read more