Honeybee Nest Removal

Phone Number : 2147969517Email Laura Boggs at: thefamilyboggs@gmail.comHello, my name is Laura and I recently encountered a honey bee nest while cutting back our front bushes. I am looking for someone that could remove and relocate the bees because of their nest’s location & our new baby. The nest is in our front yard on … Read more


Phone Number : 4699527229Email Catherine Street at: Catherinestreet@ymail.comWe have a hive in our Spectrum box has been there for weeks. We would like to move it to our backyard, eventually. We have gardens in the back. Would like to learn more about beekeeping. But, kind of impossible at this time. Like 0

Bees in a/c units

Phone Number : 9402550919Email LaJeana Phelps-Davis at: autumn.1956@yahoo.comWe live in Justin TX. A contractor that came out to our home told me that we have honey bees collecting in our window a/c units. We have a big old a/c unit not a window unit that doesn’t work and 3 little window units that we do … Read more