Benefits of H.I.V.E.

The Help, Information, Volunteer Exchange is a collection of tools and people that together facilitate the exchange of knowledge and resources for the benefit of beekeepers.

We are a volunteer-powered organization. Many members offer their personal beekeeping advice or hands-on services. H.I.V.E. enables you to locate the resource and approach that works best for you.


Personal Profile

Your personal profile lets other members know who you are, your beekeeping expertise and interests. Indicating expertise that you can share allows others to find you and benefit from your knowledge.

Expertise Locator

Locate members with specific expertise for guidance or collaboration to expand your own knowledge. Find other newbees for a shared beekeeper journey. Partner with other Master Beekeeper candidates. Or, simply discover your neighboring beekeepers.

Support Forum

Exchange questions, ideas and views on beekeeping topics. Newbees find answers to questions by searching past discussions or by simply starting a new discussion. Experienced beekeepers find the forum useful for sharing views and observations.

Monthly Meeting Exchange

Monthly meetings provide the opportunity to network with other beekeepers and to learn from other’s experiences. In-depth discussions on current conditions and focus topics aid in hive management and planning for coming month(s).

Training Classes

Intro To Beekeeping is an ongoing class offering by the club. Additional classes are currently provided ad-hoc, through the monthly meetings, or through area partners such as Sustainable Denton.


Online newsletter provides beekeeping information and club business content. Meeting presentations and past content is available to members in a searchable archive.

Member Classifieds

Classifieds enable members to exchange equipment, services, supplies, and bees. Members also use the classifieds to organize bulk purchases with other members.

Equipment & Education Library

DCBA has an extensive library of educational content available for checkout to club members. Extraction equipment is also available to members making it easier for hobby beekeepers to get started.