Goodbye 2018!

I can hardly believe I am about to type this, but...2018 is almost over!

This year has been a whirlwind of activity. I am thankful to look back and see all of the wonderful things that have transpired over the last twelve months. Adding to the list, all of the amazing people I have met and gotten to know so well.

While taking a moment to reflect on a-year-in-the-life-of the DCBA, I am very impressed by the achievements the club has made as a whole. I am equally humbled by the group of people who have come together to meet each challenge. Countless hours of volunteer efforts have been behind each goal reached.

I would like to acknowledge Russell Foster for his behind-the-scene hours working to develop H.I.V.E. The Knowledge Exchange Network is a resource uniquely available to DCBA members. I am a member of several associations on the county, state, and national levels, and have never seen anything like it. It is an invaluable tool I encourage all of you to use for your own benefit, and for the benefit of others in the club as well. In addition, the change from a typical forum to the member section, which allows members to post to our website directly, is another success Russell tackled in 2018. Not to mention all the little tweaks and changes he is continually making to the website so we can all have a more enjoyable experience.


The time he spent to make the bees fly on the swarm removal widget…over the top!

With this acknowledgement, I would also like to recognize Ron Shenberger for jumping right in and sharing some educational and informative posts. The more content we have available on, the richer the experience for current and future members. This is tenfold when it comes to looking to the future of DCBA members, and Denton, County as a whole. The more engaged our members become, the more extensive their knowledge. This translates into better beekeepers and healthier honeybees. We are all ambassadors for these little creatures within our county. The better we become, the better the future beekeepers will become, and the better for our residents and neighbors.

Supporting our members who are engaged in the Texas Master Beekeepers Program has been a topic for the last few meetings. The board would like to continue this support by assisting candidates in finding public speaking engagements. Plus, providing the tools to be confident and successful in gaining those public speaking credits. Public speaking is an important aspect for the DCBA, and we are being called to do more and more. In 2018 alone, the DCBA was represented at the Honey Run, the Red Bud Festival, Jazz Fest, several elementary school presentations, and additional presentations held in conjunction with Denton Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center. We need to continue to grow this part of our organization as the number of requests continue to grow as well.

I have enjoyed the way our members have been stepping up with suggestions and comments. The work done is for your benefit. Through the members who volunteered for the H.I.V.E. committee we realized a needed change for the way our monthly general meetings are run. Moving the necessary club business from the start of the meeting, we are now able to jump right into the Current Observations for each month. I have to thank Scott Perry for stepping up and filling the gap on a monthly basis for this crucial portion of our agenda. Again, I thank the members who participate during the Q & A portion of these presentations as well. These are the things that add depth and layers to the educational experience for all of us.

And can we all give a round of applause to Margaret Perry?

Margaret and Scott Perry teach our beginner beekeeping class each month as well. How many times have I seen Margaret carrying in supplies and the projector screen for classes? Those things are heavy people! Do not think these things go unnoticed. I notice, and I love the support she gives at each meeting. While we are thinking about general meetings, have you enjoyed a beverage or a snack during the break at one of our meetings? There is one lady who is solely responsible for those beverages and snacks. Bree Gray-Eskue attended one of our board meetings early in the year. She boldly volunteered to be in charge of our hospitality committee, and she has been in charge from day one. She shared her love of mead making during a presentation, and then finished the year with a member dinner for all of us.

While I am reflecting on 2018. I am also looking forward to 2019.

The Executive Committee will be getting together for a leadership meeting to plan out our goals for next year. I think it is safe to say, we would all enjoy seeing more bulk purchasing for club members. The buying power of the group is one thing we will utilize going forward. We are looking forward to more bulk purchases on queens, wildflower seeds, equipment and other items needed by beekeepers through out the season.

In general, this is a HUGE thank you to so many.

All of you are making this club better each month, and we will continue this trajectory into 2019!

See you next year!


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