January 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

January 7, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

Officers Attending

President – Candi Pardue
Vice President – Courtney Ware
Treasure – Mike Rekart
Secretary – Corey Thomas
Communications – Absent – Communicated via conference call
Librarian – Absent
Webmaster – Russell Foster

Meeting called to order at 6:51 p.m. by Candi Pardue.

1. Approval of the Minutes

1.1. Candi asked for a motion to approve the previous meeting minutes. Courtney Ware motioned, Mike Rekart seconded, and all board members voted “aye”.

2. Board Member Reports


2.1. Candi volunteered to attend the TBA Delegates Meeting in February as long as other members of the board handle the Honey Run. Courtney and Mike agreed to help, and Judy Austin may also attend the Delegates Meeting.

2.2. Candi is still working on insurance. She would like the lawyer to come up with a disclaimer to include in the pre-meeting slideshow.

2.3. Judy would like to remind members, in the next general meeting, that if they don’t renew their membership all of their profile information will be deleted.

2.4. Mike suggested that the board review profiles before deleting. Everyone agreed, and the board will start reviewing before deleting.

2.5. There was a discussion on when to delete profiles and how to address and remind members of the new policy.

Vice President

2.6. Candi will give the equipment presentation for the January general meeting. She will also handle the Current Observations.

2.7. Courtney will give a presentation on hive robbing.

2.8. The board discussed potential speakers for the year.

2.9. Courtney needs to send Candi pre-meeting slides before the general meeting. Slide subjects should include upcoming festivals and ask for volunteers.


2.10. Mike presented a slide show on the budget and profit of the last year.

2.11. Mike would like to stay away from selling merchandise as it’s not very profitable. Though bulk orders for queens, seeds etc. would continue.

2.12. The audit is due. Mike will give information to Tommy Tucker at the January general meeting.

Communications Director
Judy Austin was absent but participated in the meeting by phone

2.13. Judy will prepare for the next round of CoServe grants coming up in March.

2.14. The grant money would be strictly for books to study for the Master Beekeeper program.

2.15. Candi will supply some names and contact potential advertisers.

2.16. Candi and Russell will work on finalizing the advertising agreement contract.

2.17. Advertisement charges and annual vs. quarterly payments were discussed.

2.18. The mechanics of family memberships was discussed.

2.19. The board decided to drop the initiation fee and will increase family membership to $35 from $25. Scott Perry’s class would be free for members and $5 for non-members. Candi asked for a motion to present the changes to members at the next general meeting. Judy motioned, Courtney seconded, and everyone approved.


2.20. Scott Perry will provide Current Observations when needed. Preferably, he would only provide quarterly presentations with others on rotation.

3. Committee Status

HIVE – Knowledge Exchange

3.1. Russell Foster is working on the privacy terms of the website. It will be wrapped up soon.

3.2. Russell is still having trouble with MailChimp.

3.3. According to the bylaws, everyone on the board is required to change all passwords for the website every year.

3.4. The constitution has been archived.

Judy asked for a motion to adjourn. Courtney motioned, Candi seconded, and the meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.


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