January 2019 General Meeting Minutes

Jan 8, 2019 General Meeting Minutes

Officers Attending

President – Candi Pardue
Vice President – Courtney Ware
Treasure – Mike Rekart
Secretary – Corey Thomas
Communications – Absent
Librarian – Absent
Webmaster – Russell Foster

Meeting called to order at 6:35 p.m. by Candi Pardue. 41 members and visitors in attendance.

1. Meeting Call to Order

Club Business

1.1. Candi asked for a motion to approve the previous meeting minutes. Tommy Tucker motioned, John Morris seconded, and a unanimous “aye” was counted.

1.2. Scott Perry introduced himself to new members and gave a short description of his Intro to Beekeeping class.

1.3. Scott will start raising queens this year. It could become a group project if anyone wants to learn and start raising their own queens. Anyone interested should contact Scott.

1.4. Mike Rekart introduced himself to new members as the club treasurer and presented a review and update of funds in the last year.

1.5. If anyone has suggestions for fundraisers, contact Mike or anyone on the board.

General Announcements

1.6. Candi welcomed the new members, told them about the member benefits, such as equipment rentals and website access. She encouraged new members to set up profiles and explore the website.

1.7. Candi informed members that the board discussed changing some memberships fees and clarified family memberships.

Family Memberships

1.7.1. Only two people can be included.

1.7.2. Require at least one adult.

1.7.3. Both members live in the same household.

1.7.4. Children under 26 can be included.

1.7.5. Family members get two votes and need to be present to vote.

1.7.6. Members must be at least 18 to vote.

1.7.7. Families get two profiles on the website.

1.8. The changes Candi presented would increase family memberships to $35 and members can attend Scott’s Intro to Beekeeping class for free.

1.9. Candi asked for a motion to make these changes. Bree Gray-Eskue motioned, Dawn Kuehn seconded, and the majority voted “aye” with one “nay”, but upon further review this member was not in good standing and wasn’t counted.

2. Current Observations, Tips & Discussion

2.1. Candi led Current Observations and asked members to share their own observations on what they are seeing in their hives.

2.2. Candi gave a presentation on equipment and took questions.

3. Networking Break

3.1. Break for Scott’s class and networking began at 7:41 p.m.

3.2. Bree asked for volunteers to join the hospitality committee.

3.3. Candi encouraged members to take a look at the hive equipment she brought for her presentation.

4. How to Recognize Hive Robbing

4.1. Courtney gave a presentation on hive robbing and took questions.

Meeting adjourned at 8:34 p.m.


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