JazzFEST 2019 – Day 3

....and that’s a wrap!

Denton Arts and Jazz Festival has earned a solid reputation for one of the largest tourist attractions in North Texas and is Denton’s standout signature event.  With attendance in the hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, Denton County Beekeepers Association, (DCBA), receives recognition, acknowledgement, and confirmation far beyond that of any other program or event.

A sampling of visitor conversations:

  • "I like the veil and gloves and I would feel safe around bees with these on....I would like to be a grown-up beekeeper!" - 7-yr-old visitor trying on equipment....
  • "I have always been fascinated by bees, but I thought because we I lived in town I couldn't have a hive...I am definitely coming to your meeting to learn more about this now!" - Young lady living just north of TWU...
  • "I think it is cool y'all do this...I could never be a beekeeper, but I know bees are important, and I will take some flower seeds, and talk to my neighborhood about your swarm removal service!" - Young man with son living in Little Elm.
  • "This is more than I ever thought I knew about bees.  I will attend the meetings and classes.  I want to be a beekeeper when I graduate college!" - Young lady and friend wearing UNT shirt ... 
  • "...we have honey bees on our flowers so my dad stopped mowing until the neighborhood made him mow again.  Can you tell them how important those flowers are?"... Young girl asking about the flower seeds

Member volunteers thoughts:

”During my time at the DCBA Jazz Fest booth, I was humbled and impressed by the overwhelming supportive response from the community.  So many genuine, good questions, so much interest in our personal beekeeping stories, and so much enthusiasm about our Honey Bee Removal services on our website. It was such a great opportunity to teach, share and inform our community about bees and beekeeping!" - Courtney Ware

”Denton Bee Club educates 200,000 youth & future generations about the vital part bees play in our lives at local Jazz Fest” - Mike Rekart

”It felt really great to educate people on the bee biology behind the stories they see on the news and give reasons why "bees attach" or "settle into homes" and how to prevent it.  They walked away much more confident and willing to help the honey bee (even if they didnt want to become a beekeeper). It is rewarding being able to educate people on swarms (it is that time of season) and how to contact beekeepers to help prevent them from establishing hives in homes. So many people wanting to know more about how they can join and help. The community interaction and educational opportunity was constant throughout all three days.” - Corey Thomas

"It was an awesome experience helping out at the Jazz Festival booth on Sunday.  I learned so much more about bees! Seeing how interested people are in bees and the DCBA was inspiring to me and encourages me to continue my work with Save The Bees UNT." - Tori Eidson, President, Save The Bees UNT

In closing, this event far surpasses any other venue for exposure to the Denton and surrounding areas general public and we hope that we are invited to attend and graciously accept, YOY.  

Special recognition and a huge THANK YOU to the following member volunteers and their families, whom without, these functions would not be possible to attend: Angie Hoffen, Sharon and Gary Sahm, Marilyn Mitchell, Mick Gosson, Tami Lilly, Van Hall, Rick Austin, Tori Eidson, Ron Shenberger, Candi Pardue, Corey Thomas (worked every shift, all three days 30+ hrs), Courtney Ware, Mike Rekart and Judy Austin.  If I missed someone, please accept our apologizes, it has been a very busy and full three days. 





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