Preschool Science Class – Bees & Me

"Friday I got to teach the preschoolers of Lakeland Christian Academy about the importance of honey bees. I read from a picture book about pollination, demonstrated how a hive works, then answered questions from the kids and teachers.

The kids were wonderful listeners and asked thoughtful questions. One girl asked how the pollen sticks to bees when they’re gathering nectar.

I explained how to identify swarms and that while they look scary, they are actually very gentle. As stings were a big concern among the kids. I told them honey spread over stings can help soothe the skin and that bees are very focused on collecting nectar, so if they leave bees alone to do their work, they will leave people alone.

The kids and teachers also enjoyed learning how honey was made and that pollen was used in the hive to feed the larvae.

The teachers concluded by asking the students if bees are our friends, which was answered with a resounding “Yes!”." - Corey Thomas

Thanks to Jennifer Gray for inviting DCBA out to spread the word about bees and beekeeping. And to all the other teachers and 83 preschoolers of Lakeland Baptist for being so enthusiastic in their interest in bees!

Thank you Corey Thomas for your volunteer work teaching, sharing and informing the community about bees and beekeeping.

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