R.E.A.C.H. Youth Summer Camp Bee Presentation

For their fifth annual summer youth program, REACH requested that the DCBA participate in presenting and teaching the camp about our favorite pollinators.

As soon as we arrived on Thursday, we were greeted with warm smiles and a friendly welcome from camp counselors and campers alike. We were already super excited to be there and the "Mi casa, es su casa" vibe made it even better.

Introductions were a hit and it was time for the presentation!

Corey Thomas started it off teaching the campers with info-frames from our education hive. The campers already knew so much about bees and were all ears for the duration. During the Q & A portion, someone asked about bee stings and the severity of this unfortunate event, which evolved into a discussion about how stinging is the last thing a stinging bee will do (so they've got to make it count). This prompted me (Corey C.) to don my bee suit to get more into character and show the class the measures some of us make to ensure this never happens.

After a few more questions it was time for honey tasting! It's always cool to see the look of surprise when people taste and learn how different the honey is, though it is created by the same creature.

In closing, we passed around cups for the campers to fill with soil and plant Lavender seeds in and take home to enjoy with family and friends. Something to remember us and the bees by.

That was the end of the presentation but the fun didn't stop there. We all hung out afterward and talked about music, how we got our names and even told a few knock-knock jokes.

I wish we could've stayed longer but the campers had a full day ahead and were about to take a field-trip to Denton's own community-supported radio station KUZU.

Before we said our goodbyes, I gathered everyone up for a group photo.

It's always a good time when teaching others about the benefits of bees and the impact they have on all of our lives. It's an even better time when we get to make a few new friends in the process. What a great day.


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