Fall Preparations

I hope everyones hives survived last nights storms with no major damages or losses. Straight line winds are always cause for concern. Aside from the storms, the cooler weather is a welcome visitor. I use the term “visitor” since we are all to familiar with true fall weather seeming to evade us most of the time. … Read more

Dog Days of Summer aka Dearth

August normally is a hot and dry month with “Dog Days” plaguing us most of the time. There will be little for the bees to work unless they find plants blooming in the woods and creek bottoms where some moisture and shade keeps some blossoms going. Bitter Weeds will become very noticeable in the fields … Read more

Current Hive Observations

Members current observations and TIPS: Walk Away Splits Experiencing 100% failure rate on 10 walk away splits where the queen is not returning from her maiden flight. Don D. Swarms Swarm business has been good this spring for many of our beekeepers. More than a few catching 10 plus already. Watch those swarm posts. If … Read more