Dog Days of Summer aka Dearth

August normally is a hot and dry month with “Dog Days” plaguing us most of the time. There will be little for the bees to work unless they find plants blooming in the woods and creek bottoms where some moisture and shade keeps some blossoms going. Bitter Weeds will become very noticeable in the fields … Read more

Show Us Your Haul!

Greetings fellow keepers! I don’t believe I’ve ever eaten so much honey in all of my years combined as I have in my first year of beekeeping. To celebrate my recent massive honey intake and everlasting sweet tooth, I’d like to showcase some of our members and their honey haul. I’m super excited to see … Read more

Honey Extraction

The Oak Barn Brewery in Bartonville hosted an impromptu honey extraction party today.  Present were members Fritz Range, Mike Rekart, Paul & Tina Archambault, Mary Crouse, Tami Lilly, Dawn, Brian and Lisa Kuehn, Rick and I.  What a great time it was.  It started out with Tami, Brian and Lisa suiting up with Fritz and … Read more