Trichogramma Wasps

Are you familiar with, or use/have used, this particular wasp (Trichogramma Wasps) as treatment or control of wax moths? Do they help or harm local bees? There are known concerns of potential harm to local butterflies (aka Monarchs) because they attack the larva; however, do they pose a risk to other pollinators? Friend or foe? Give … Read more

Small Hive Beetles

We all have them. Our bees co-exist with them. Our weaker colonies struggle with them. Our unattended honey frames may be ruined by them! Who are they? Small hive beetles (aka “SHB”). Natives of Africa, they are attracted to the smells of honey, pollen, and alarm pheromone, and although considered a secondary pest, they can … Read more

Learning from Experience: The Beginning of a Big Problem

If you’ve attended the last two general meetings, you’ve probably noticed the repetition of a theme: test your hives for varroa, treat your hives for varroa, record your varroa numbers, continually monitor for varroa. I would put money on a bet that a decent percentage of beekeepers, despite hearing this message over and over, are … Read more