University of North Texas’s EarthFest

UNT EarthFest celebrated international Earth Day Thursday by providing a host of entertainment, local vendors, food and educational opportunities for the students, staff and faculty. Eligibility to sponsor a table was strictly and solely based on your ability to showcase your organizations efforts in sustainability.

A BIG thanks to member Sarah Luxton, Sustainability Coordinator, City of Denton - Bee City USA @sluxton for bringing this event to our attention. It is through our ongoing community educational efforts that Sarah immediately recognized this as an event for positive impact for bees and beekeepers.

Thank you to our volunteer members Corey and Courtney. Without your commitment and care these event would not be possible. Thanks to Save The Bees - UNT for choosing DCBA for your alliance partner. We look forward to continuing to elevate the level of knowledge within your organization to disseminate outward as our extended feet on the street. Here is what they had to say:

"It was really great seeing so much interest in bees. They were really excited to have a bee club in Denton, that we provide beginner classes, and that you don't have to have bees to learn. Becoming a Bee City has really grown public interest in at least community networking. The UNT Save the Bees table was PACKED. They had a line every time I looked over there." Corey Thomas, Secretary, DCBA

"I had the privilege of joining Corey Thomas in volunteering at a booth representing the DCBA on the UNT campus for their EarthFest event. As part of our ongoing support for Save the Bees UNT, we set up a display next to this student organization to help spread the word about the honeybee and the services of the DCBA. Tori with Save the Bees and her volunteers (including our own Lisa Kuehn) likewise showed support for our club by helping to spread the word about our Honey Bee Removal service. Event organizers stated an expected 2-3,000 students would be in attendance for the event, and it sure felt like we saw most of them! It was truly inspiring to talk to so many young bee supporters who wanted to know about our club and what they could do to help support our cause. And a bonus- the weather turned out to be perfect!" Courtney Ware, Interim President, DCBA

"Over 50 new members joined our organization today and it was a great way to network with other environmental clubs on campus. We really did have a great time spreading the word about the dangers of bee loss. It was cool how many UNT students really do care about our earth. We spread the word about the use of pesticides that are harmful to bees and other pollinators, as well as informing students about or alliance with the Denton County Beekeepers Association and the work they do in our community. Thank you for being so interested in our success!! I really appreciate how proactive you are and how much your group is supporting our efforts on campus" Victoria "Tori" Eidson, President, Save the Bees UNT


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